Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go."- Hesse

Lots of life changes in the past several months... all for the better. But as I get older, and as my expectations, demand, and meaning of things change over time, I've realized how much shoes have consumed me - in a good way of course. Meeting people, building relationships, etc etc.

But when you have so much that you don't have recollection of which shoe you do/don't have, I think it's time to let some of those go.

As I dug into the trenches of my collection, I've decided to let go of the Jordan Collezione series that were ever so popular a while back.
Pictures should do the talking - as always, contact me if you have any interests.

Let's keep in mind that I'm not tight on money, so I'll wait for the right buyer. So before contacting me, please make sure you have your finances lined up to make for a seemless transaction.

Enjoy the small piece of my collection :-)

In regards to the Collezione, the shoes were ONLY taken out for these pictures, so they are all DEADSTOCK and until now, have NEVER been taken out of the box. I tend to buy and then just stack and store :-)

If ya still see the kicks here, they are still for sale. Will take down pics as they sell.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taking some sneakers out of the "vault" ...

I have a tendency to hold onto kicks as long as possible and then forget about them...Just went through a few shelves and grabbed a couple that I'd feel okay selling.

I have a few sizes in most....enjoy the pics and as always, email me if you see anything of interest!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roshe Runs... NEW COLOR in stock!!

Hi everyone,

Just received an inventory of these limited Roshe Runs.

As always, early bird eats the worm (I havent posted on ebay yet).

Price will vary on size, but please expect to pay minimally or more than my ebay listings for the other pairs of Roshe Runs. :-)

Sizes currently available - 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 11.5 (US Men)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

DS - Size 11.5 Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy NRG


Just got in stock a size 11.5 Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy NRG.

Interested buyers, please do me a small favor. In your email inquiry, please-

1. State your name (I get tons of emails per day...)
2. What you are interested in (model, color, size)
3. What you are offering (please be paypal ready...preferably not "i get paid in 2 weeks, can you hold it")

Thanks mucho!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

"You must be doing something right if people are hatin' on ya"

Seems like there are few newbies out there who know NOTHING about the sneaker game, trying to tell me, a collector of 14 years, what shoes of mine are real.

First, to clarify to anyone who is wondering, I do not deal with fakes. As a CEO and President of the NC Sneaker Summit where we created an alliance of collectors and shops (even sponsored by DTLR) across the SouthEast USA to introduce sneaker culture, expose it, and to embrace the culture of art, music, and fashion that is behind it, I'm not sure why I would go out of my way to sell fake sneakers.

Just because I have sneakers months before everyone else doesnt mean I have fakes.

In the shoe game (which most of you may appreciate), you are part of a fraternity and these guys become not just your fellow collectors but your friend, brother, and sister. You look out for each other. - I have my ways, in which I'd prefer to keep discreet.

Below are some more photos of my new shoes I have/still have left. Will have more, but just a tease.

Always, serious inquiries I will answer. Below are tips of what NOT to do for those that want to execute a smooth transaction with me.

The following doesn't sit well with me, and for the following reasons.

1. "Hey yo you still got them?!" WHAT!? I answer about 50 unique emails per day on sneakers. How can we work together if you give me nothing to work with?!

2. "I see you are asking $250 for them. I'll offer you $75"---Ummm. logic tells me if I marked it at that price, and you want a shot at the kicks, you better be at the same price or ask me kindly if I'm willing to work with you. This kinda email tells me the lack of seriousness.

3. "Hey yo, you take trades!? " --- Negative. If I ever decide to take trades, you'll see me mention it somewhere. Otherwise, do your chores and save up! :-)

4. "How you get them so early? I'mma report you for sellin fakes" - How i get them? - Magic.    Report me? Feel free. I have documentation for all my sneakers.

5. "Can you provide me with your proof of purchase?!" - No. I am not obligated to. If you don't trust me by now or haven't heard of my passion of sneakers by now, I'll wait for the next buyer. Thank you though.


I'll write more later...
 always feel free to contact me for upcoming releases.